On The Move Again

ISBN: 9780995123229

Author: Neil Frances    Publisher: Wairarapa Archive

Masterton-born Len Frances joined New Zealand’s war effort when qualifying for service in November 1940 and training became serious with the Pacific War’s outbreak in December 1941. He was called into camp immediately, spending the first months of 1942 at Masterton’s Solway Military Camp, training for the infantry. After officer training, he was posted to anti-aircraft guns and helped prepare reinforcements in the Wellington area – and married Jean. Part of the 10th reinforcement, Len left New Zealand in July 1943, reverting to the ranks in Egypt to join 6th Field Regiment as a gunner. He served right through the Italian Campaign, feeding the guns at Sangro River, Cassino, Florence and up the Adriatic coast to Trieste, occasionally taking a little time out to continue accountancy studies. Len kept a diary for 31 months, detailing military and other experiences in the land of his father’s birth, a Kiwi-Italian in the midst of total war. His story is also that of a young husband separated from wife and family half a world away. The Author A lifetime interest in military history led Masterton-born author Neil Frances to write on these aspects of Wairarapa’s past. On the Move Again is his sixth book published by Wairarapa Archive/Fraser Books. While previous volumes examined people, events and places, this new book is more personal, based on the diary of his father, a gunner in Italy during World War Two.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 160

Dimensions: 170 x 245 mm

Publication Date: 24-04-2021

Availability Date: 27-04-2021

Tags: May 2021   Biography   Military   NZ (History)

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