More Catch The Bard

ISBN: 9781921586927

Author: Carla Moore    Publisher: Phoenix Education

Five plays for getting into Shakespeare by Carla More

What is the backstory to "The Tempest"?

Who is plotting against who in "Julius Caesar"?

Why is Ariel vying against Puck?

How did Feste break a leg?

And - Where IS Sean Connery?

More Catch The Bard offers five funny and informative short plays based on the characters and themes of William Shakespeare’s plays, providing an introduction to Shakespeare for English and Drama students from year 7-10.

Each play is supplemented with questions and in depth extension exercises catering for a variety of learners and styles.

The Calm before the Tempest

The story of The Tempest is like an iceberg; most of it is backstory. When a ship carrying passengers on their way home from a wedding is wrecked not on an iceberg but on an island, Prospero tells Miranda in flashback scenes what actually happened in Milan twelve years ago. 9 characters.

This Rough Magic

Shakespeare’s magical characters meet at the Rough Magic Conference for Fairyland’s Annual Awards. Some supernaturals have personal gripes, whilst the fairies are solely there to check out Puck. After Prospero resigns his post as Chairman and drowns his magic book, Oberon and Titania, still quarrelling, vie for the position. Happily Puck ends the play with his usual epilogue. 15 characters.

The Festival of Fools

When Shakespeare’s funny men get together at the 400th Annual Comedy Festival there’s bound to be silly-ness and big egos. Whilst Launce, Bottom, the Dromio twins and others strut their stuff , those waiting backstage have a lot to say about everyone else’s performance 15 characters.

Caesar’s Salad Days are Over

Two minor characters of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, Popilius Lena and Artemidorus are actually agents of The SUPER TASKFORCE of the ROMAN EMPIRE’s SECRET SERVICE or STRESS. They hire an actor Antonius Maximillius to play a Soothsayer and therefore warn Caesar of the imminent plot. 3 characters.

Sound & Fury

Drama teacher Victor, after watching a ‘Japanese version’ of the Scottish Play, has rewritten it as a Musical. His colleagues are less than enthusiastic, especially when they hear that the ex-barrel girl from The Price is Right will be appearing as Lady Macbeth. The usual school play disasters occur. Fiction and reality blend as the production descends into a tartan chaos signifying nothing. 26 characters.

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Publication Date: 18-07-2014

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