Inside Out : Why Leadership Starts With You

ISBN: 9780473604349

Author: Deb Bailey   

• This book is for busy leaders in business • It is also a self-leadership book for individuals who want to live their best life e.g. perhaps in their family, sports team, arts group, or volunteer organisation • The book has a very clear roadmap • Every chapter includes a ‘From Insights to Action’ piece at the end which provides relevant questions and prompts for the reader to complete to gain more awareness and identify changes they are committed to making he world in the late nineteenth and early Inside Out: Why Leadership Starts With You is a self-leadership book that provides a holistic approach to how we can become our best future self and live a life by design. It is a collection and celebration of the many leaders Deb Bailey has worked with over many years. The key focus of the book is the idea that the more we understand our inner game of leadership (our strengths, derailers, blind spots and values), the better our outer game will be (our results, relationships, our teams, strategy and culture). Who we are and how we do our leadership directly impacts on the people and the environment around us so if you are looking to create sustainable change and get better results in your leadership, you need to go to the inside first. All change comes from here. Understanding how we do our leadership from the inside out and really knowing ourselves, our mindset, then having clarity around our big picture and our ‘why’, means we can start the journey and have more certainty that we will not only achieve our goals, we will also sustain them over time. A lot of leadership development is focused on the ‘outer game’ – how to pick up additional skills, knowledge and experience. This is useful but can often miss the key ingredient which is how the leader will interact with those processes because of their inner game. If leaders don’t have the awareness of how they are doing their leadership from the inside out, the processes often feels foreign, and that’s where the disconnect happens. Impactful leadership doesn’t have to be overly complicated and understanding how you’re playing your inner game is the best way to get the external results you want and need. Deb Bailey is passionate about leading from the inside, so she helps leaders gain awareness of their inner game so they can have a better outer game. Deb’s vision is to create a movement of leaders who understand how they impact the world and the people around them. She wants to create workplaces that focus on achieving collective results and for all people to understand how they contribute and feel valued through their efforts. The Inside Out approach applies to leadership development, creating and maintaining winning teams, understanding the collective inner games of teams, and how the individual and collective inner game interacts and impacts strategy and culture within organisations. Deb works with a range of leaders and business owners across all industries. She delivers individual coaching, group training and facilitation programmes and speaks at events and in-house conferences. Her areas of expertise are leadership, teams, strategic planning and culture. Deb’s professional background includes more than twenty years of senior leadership and executive experience at Fisher& Paykel Healthcare – an iconic New Zealand international company. She held global responsibility for People and Safety and worked to help leaders create high performing teams and lead with impact. With an MBA, PG Dip HR and coaching certifications, Deb has a passion for seeing commercial success achieved by providing leaders with practical, pragmatic solutions and strategies that they can easily integrate into their everyday work.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 178

Dimensions: 140 x 215 mm

Publication Date: 15-03-2022

Availability Date: 25-03-2022

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