Four Comic Novellas

ISBN: 9780473543501

Author: Bob Jones   

Four brilliant, original and funny novellas that will outrage and provoke readers’ thoughts about modern life. Designed to be collected and for gift giving, this collection of sharp-witted tales on modern life will entertain and enthrall in the manner that only best-selling author Bob Jones can do and has done with books like ‘Full Circle’, ‘True Facts’ and ‘OGG’. Bob Jones skewers the art world and its pretenses in Modern Society. In Heaven Sent he examines the curiosities of religion. Risk & Reward is an original tale of crime and The Last Judgement examines the legal world. “No bull could have more fun in the china shop of modern offence-taking than Bob” - Jane Clifton

Bind: hardback

Dimensions: 150 x 230 mm

Publication Date: 09-10-2020

Availability Date: 16-10-2020

Tags: October 2020   Christmas 2020   Fiction & Literature

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