Being A Distance  Son or Daughter

Being A Distance Son or Daughter

What is it truly like being a son or daughter who leaves home to live in an expat/migrant setting? How does it feel to be geographically separated from your parents, grandparents and other family members? Maybe you’ve left home for your studies, your career, a sense of adventure, for a challenge, for love. But how do you venture forth into your global world and still retain and nourish connections with ‘home’, always knowing “it was my choice to leave”? Researcher, anthropologist and founder of, Helen Ellis, shares ideas, resources and stories to arm readers with the wisdom to maintain rich and fulfilling relationships with their Distance Family. You’ll come away refreshed and rebooted knowing that you can all be close – despite the distance. If you are a parent, grandparent or extended family member living back home, are you proud and graciously accepting of your family’s move or do you harbour feelings of resentment? All reactions and emotions are normal. This book will make a difference to your Distance Family.
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