Be Your Best Self

ISBN: 9781800071612

Author: Sophie Golding    Publisher: Summersdale Publishers

There are eight billion people on the planet, but there's only one you You're already pretty great. But what if you could feel like the best possible version of yourself every single day? This inspiring little book is full of big ideas to empower you to make positive changes in your life, and to bring more joy, success and kindness into your world. Want to develop healthier habits? We've got you covered. Perhaps you'd like to find purpose and contentment? Yup, that's here too. Do you need a hand reaching for your dreams? Jump on board. Would you like to learn to love and accept yourself for the magnificent person you are? Then this book is your cheerleader. Through thought-provoking prompts, notes-to-self and ideas to help you grow, Be Your Best Self will show you how to flourish as the kindest, happiest, most positive and motivated version of the wonder that is you.

Bind: hardback

Pages: 160

Dimensions: 101 x 136 mm

Publication Date: 10-02-2022

Availability Date: 30-04-2022

Tags: Coming Soon   January/February 2022   Health & Wellbeing   Humour & Gift

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