At The Far Reach of Their Capacities

ISBN: 9781921586675

Author: Peter Adams    Publisher: Phoenix Education

What if, Peter Adams asks in this important and original book, as English teachers, instead of always requiring our students to respond discursively to the literary texts that they encounter in our classrooms — by asking them to analyse, compare, describe, evaluate, explain or to defend a set position with a series of arguments — we were to offer them opportunities to sustain and deepen their engagement with those texts, both intellectual and emotional, by writing about them in creative–imaginative ways? What if, in Robert Witkin’s resonant phrase, we were to ask them “to make an artistic response to the artistic work of others”?

The result is evident in the remarkable pieces of writing which form the heart of this book, pieces of writing which not only show young writers working “at the far reach of their capacities” but which represent a deeply thoughtful, sustained and personal exploration of the significance of the work in question.

Bind: paperback

Publication Date: 28-08-2013

Availability Date: 28-08-2013

Tag: Education

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