Women & Money : Mastering the Struggle

ISBN: 9780473563752

Author: Janet Xuccoa    Publisher: Cheshire Publishing

If you are a woman wanting to know how to take control of your finances, create wealth for your future and become financially independent, then Women & Money: Mastering The Struggle is a must-read. A successful professional and investor, Janet Xuccoa shares financial insights revealing how money works and what is required when investing in assets that create financial wellbeing. This book will teach you how to: * Adopt a whole-life approach to money and wealth * Navigate money relationships with yourself and your partner * Effectively manage money flows * Create your own financial retirement plan * Apply 101 economics to make intelligent proactive financial decisions * Invest in superannuation and managed funds * Select insurance policies * Buy a business, invest in shares and purchase investment property * Borrow money effectively * Put legal safeguards in place * Manage a divorce Janet Xuccoa is an author, public speaker and award-winning professional trustee, who holds degrees in law and accounting. She has spent over 30 years helping people with their finances and is passionate about empowering people through financial literacy.

Bind: paperback

Publication Date: 01-06-2021

Availability Date: 03-06-2021

Tags: May 2021   Business

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