ISBN: 9783961712656

Author: Peter Arnold    Publisher: TeNeues

No flower, whether in a garden or as a cut flower in a vase, is as well-known and as varied in shape and colour as the tulip. Once the most expensive flower bulb in the world, this ever-cheerful member of the lily family is defined by its vibrant hues and simple sophistication of form. In this newly-designed classic of floral photography, Peter Arnold captures the tulip in all its beauty and diversity. From familiar to exotic tulip varieties, his exquisite tulip pictures are supplemented with new texts. A winning book for all gardeners, flower lovers, and fans of art and flower photography.

Bind: hardback

Pages: 110

Dimensions: 195 x 240 mm

Publication Date: 21-02-2020

Availability Date: 20-04-2020

Tags: January / February 2020   Spring Gift Fair 2020   Arts & Photography   Home & Garden

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