The Mountain Cafe Cookbook: A Kiwi in the Cairngorms

ISBN: 9780957037380

Author: Kirsten Gilmour    Publisher: Kitchen Press

Legendary breakfasts to fuel days on the mountain; inventive, zesty salads and indulgent and luxurious cakes – these are all hallmarks of Aviemore's Mountain Cafe. Owner-chef Kirsten Gilmour draws on her Kiwi roots to turn out contemporary dishes with an antipodean love of fresh and bold favours, and in her debut cookbook she shares her secrets and inspirations with you. The Mountain Cafe Cookbook is packed full of Kirsten's irresistible recipes for the best-loved dishes and drinks at her Highland restaurant, alongside others drawn from her grandparents and infuenced by her travels around the world. This is not diffcult, fancy restaurant cooking, but gutsy, fresh, hearty food that will taste just as good from your kitchen as from hers. With vibrant photography by Paul Masson, The Mountain Cafe Cookbook has over 130 recipes including everything from Smoked Fish Chowder, Cider Sage Barbecue Chicken, Sloe Gin & Bramble Salmon Salad and Butternut Chilli & Coconut Fritters to Chocolate & Coconut Brioche, Cardamom Oranges, Badass Brownies and Passionfruit Melting Moments. All delicious and bursting with favour. “A great big hug of a book, full of exciting favours and reliable recipes.” Sue Lawrence “Kirsten has been serving her Kiwi inspired food for many years and here she shares her secrets for those delicious breakfasts, meals, cakes and drinks. As a fellow NZ’er I’m proud of her achievements!” Peter Gordon

Bind: hardback

Pages: 336

Dimensions: 185 x 252 mm

Publication Date: 20-02-2017

Availability Date: 28-04-2017

Tags: February 2017   Cooking, Food & Drink

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