Super Simple Woodworking and Furnituremaking

ISBN: 9781497100558

Author: Eugenie Glasson    Publisher: Fox Chapel Publishing

Inside Super Simple Woodworking and Furniture Making, you'll learn an easy "glue, screw, cap" joinery method from professional woodworker Eugenie Glasson, to assemble beautifully simple furniture! Using commonly found wood and commonly owned tools—just a saw and a drill—follow easy instructions, cutting templates, and power carving directions for decorative features for 30 furniture projects, including a coffee table, bench, and much more. Designer and owner of Eugenie Woodcraft in Montreal, Canada, author and professional woodworker Eugenie Glasson has been building furniture for 15 years. Realizing she didn't like waiting around for the clamp-and-glue method, she devised her own called the glue-screw-and-cap method that allowed her to build furniture in a strong, fast, and efficient manner. Embellishing furniture with simple motifs carved with a handheld rotary tool, Glasson shares her methods within these pages to provide an accessible approach to building furniture—making this project book the perfect go-to introduction for any beginning woodworker!

Bind: paperback

Pages: 192

Dimensions: 200 x 250 mm

Publication Date: 22-11-2019

Availability Date: 31-01-2020

Tags: Coming Soon   November 2019   Craft & Hobbies

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