Steve Redgrave's Complete Book of Rowing

ISBN: 9781849892707

Author: Sir Steve Redgrave    Publisher: Quiller Publishing

One of the most successful athletes of all time, Steve Redgrave is uniquely placed to share his expertise and experience in this go-to guide for rowers, especially at a time when more people than ever are participating in the sport. Redgrave firmly believes that the basic principles and techniques of rowing are the same for beginners and elite athletes alike, and it's this philosophy that underpins the book. Starting with the basics of equipment and clothing and how to get started in the sport, he then moves on to more in-depth chapters on technique, tactics and competition. The revised edition also focusses in detail on the physical and mental preparation needed to excel, with chapters on biomechanics, training and cross training, injury prevention and diet and nutrition accompanied by insights into motivation and belief. The text is illustrated throughout with line drawing and photographs, and enlivened by personal anecdotes and reflections from Redgrave himself. The book also includes full rigging charts, a fault diagnostic to help hone technique, details of strengthening and conditioning exercises and lists of useful information, such as how to find a rowing club, a guide to courses and training camps and equipment suppliers. This is a book for rowers of all levels who want to learn from the best and aspire to perform to the best of their abilities.

Bind: hardback

Pages: 256

Dimensions: 190 x 240 mm

Publication Date: 01-08-2018

Availability Date: 30-09-2018

Tags: July / August 2018   Sport & Recreation

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