Solving Relationship Property Problems in New Zealand

ISBN: 9780473313432

Author: Garth Cameron    Publisher: Rainshadow Press

This book explains: *What relationships are subject to the law of relationship property *That the cost of a property dispute is far more than the money spent on legal fees *How to access the law and other relevant resources *Why it helps to know the law and procedure but it is not a good idea to be your own lawyer *The relationship between the facts, the law and a good result *The negotiation process *How to assess the benefits and risks of choosing an option *The role of compromise in ending disputes *Litigation risk *The Family Court process It includes: *Flow charts, which make it easier to understand the process of conflict resolution *Internet resources *Lists of sources of law and practice *A glossary which included the definitions of key words used in the process of negotiation, litigation and settlement of relationship property disputes

Bind: paperback

Pages: 52

Dimensions: 147 x 210 x 4 mm

Publication Date: 01-04-2015

Availability Date: 20-04-2015

Tags: May 2015   New Zealand   Reference   Business

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