Soil Management Guidelines for Sustainable Cropping

ISBN: 9780478093384

Author: T G Shepherd    Publisher: Manaaki Whenua Press

Healthy soil is productive soil and the keys to maintaining soil health can be found in this full colour booklet. Devised by experienced Landcare Research soil scientists, it is a practical, easy to follow manual which will help farmers and vegetable growers manage their soils sustainably.

Visual soil assessment methods are given as a tool to gauge the soil condition. Best soil management practices are suggested to achieve and maintain healthy soil. Issues covered include machinery compaction, erosion and loss of soil organic matter. The booklet is concluded by a useful summary of take home messages.

The crucial balance between conservation and productivity is addressed. The conclusions deliver a positive message for the arable farmer: improved soil quality can lead to improved yields, greater profits, and environmentally friendly farming. Clear photographs help to make this an indispensible self-help guide.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 26

Publication Date: 28-02-2014

Availability Date: 28-02-2014

Tag: Science & Nature

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