Self-Sufficiency Beekeeping

ISBN: 9781504800402

Author: Joanna Ryde    Publisher: IMM Lifestyle

Beekeeping is about management, control and learning to understand the honeybee. It can also become a very enjoyable and sociable pastime - visiting others' hives and picking up vital hints and tips is all part of the fun - and farming and eating honey that your own bees have produced is a pure delight.Information is given on the basic tools and equipment needed for setting up a hive to detailed advice on when to harvest honey and honey-inspired recipes, from delicious cakes to beauty products. This is an invaluable guide for anyone thinking of keeping bees.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 128

Dimensions: 150 x 212 mm

Availability Date: 30-10-2015

Tags: November 2015   Christmas 2020   Agriculture   Cooking, Food & Drink

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