Rugby Rebel

ISBN: 9780473418267

Author: Chris Tobin   

Rugby Rebel investigates a sensational accusation made against brilliant All Black winger Duncan McGregor that he sold team secrets which cost the Original All Blacks their unbeaten record on the famous 1905 tour of Britain, France and the United States. What made it worse was that McGregor's Accusers were some of his fellow All Blacks. But has his name been unfairly besmirched? This book tells McGregor's extraordinary and previously untold story. In doing so, it delves deeply into an explosive and controversial period in New Zealand rugby history, the early 1900s, when 'shamateurism' was rife and the sport was split apart by the emergence of rugby league. Rugby Rebel shatters myths, offers new insights and provides enough information for the reader to decide whether McGregor was hero, or as his deractors claimed, villain. Featured in the 16 April 2018 NZ / Pasifika Newsletter.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 218

Publication Date: 16-03-2018

Availability Date: 16-03-2018

Tags: Sport & Recreation   NZ (History)

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