Miles Warren : An Autobiography

ISBN: 9781877257766

Author: Sir Miles Warren    Publisher: Canterbury University Press

Sir Miles Warren, a founding partner of Warren and Mahoney Architects, is one of New Zealand's foremost designers. In this inspiring memoir he recounts an illustrious career in residential and commercial architecture, revealing the processes behind design, construction, client relationships and contractor negotiations. From Christ's College and the Christchurch Town Hall, to Parliament House in Wellington and the New Zealand High Commission in India, Miles Warren's designs are found throughout New Zealand and abroad. Over the years, Sir Miles has kept a record in watercolour of his many projects. In this book these superbly executed perspectives are brought together for the first time. Filled with delightfully-told anecdotes, this is the story not only of a celebrated architect, but of a New Zealander whose career took him to many parts of the world during the era of travel by sea . Written with wit and passion, this autobiography will appeal to a general readership as well as the architecture enthusiasts among us.

Bind: hardback

Pages: 188

Dimensions: 304 x 203 mm

Tags: Biography   Architecture & Design   NZ (History)

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