Living in Style Scandinavia

ISBN: 9783832732202

Publisher: TeNeues

Nordic countries are frequently listed as having the highest quality of life worldwide, according to multiple studies. But Northern Europe doesn’t just score high in social issues. Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark are known for their spectacular fjords, untouched nature, and their clean interiors. Scandinavian- style interiors exude a classically modern elegance, boasting both innovation and the highest comfort standards. Lighting and a deeply rooted connection to nature play just as much a role in the spaces as do intense colors and graphic design. This newest addition to the Living in Style series displays the Scandinavian lifestyle at its best.

Bind: hardback

Pages: 208

Dimensions: 250 x 320 mm

Publication Date: 20-03-2015

Availability Date: 29-05-2015

Tags: March 2015   Architecture & Design

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