Learn to Cook Wheat, Gluten and Dairy Free: 100 Step-by-step Recipes

ISBN: 9781906502508

Author: Antoinette Savill    Publisher: Grub Street

This book is aimed at the millions of people suffering from sensitivity to wheat, dairy products and gluten. If you are told that you must follow a wheat, gluten or dairy free diet, where do you begin to work out what you can eat safely? One thing is for sure you will have to start cooking for yourself at home since there are very few ready meals available that will be suitable for your restricted diet. The simplest and safest course is to prepare your own meals, that way you will know for certain that your food does not include any hidden ingredients that might trigger your allergy or intolerance. Many people find cooking becomes a tyranny if they have to make family meals and then a small portion of allergy free food for one person. Simpler by far to prepare recipes that are delicious for the entire family, but if you have been used to relying on ready prepared meals you may not be a confident cook or you may not have a repertoire of dishes to rely on. This book will help you build up your confidence and encourage you to cook so often that you will become a stress-free cook.

Pages: 224

Dimensions: 175 x 248 mm

Publication Date: 30-10-2009

Tags: Cooking, Food & Drink   Health & Wellbeing

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