Lars Bolander : Interior Design & Inspiration

ISBN: 9783832796549

Author: Lars Bolander    Publisher: TeNeues

Acclaimed worldwide for his eclectic and highly personal interiors that mix style and comfort with adventure and art, Lars Bolander showcases a stunning selection of his compelling interiors, sharing his unique inspirations and giving us privileged glimpses into how his intriguing creative process evolves. Each room truly does tell a fascinating story.

With an international sense of sophistication, his sense of appropriateness and scale are also distinctively Swedish. Inspired by sources such as his extensive travels and an in-depth knowledge of artistic disciplines as diverse as glassblowing, sculpture, and literature, the results are intelligently curated but refreshingly laid-back.

Bind: hardback

Pages: 192

Dimensions: 280 x 360 mm

Publication Date: 23-09-2012

Availability Date: 23-11-2012

Tags: September 2012   Christmas Gifts   Architecture & Design   Home & Garden

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