ISBN: 9783848008162

Author: Bernhard Roetzel    Publisher: h f Ullmann

An elegantly dressed man does not only look smart and attractive, he also implies confidence and respect. A self-assured appearance, excellent manners and carefully chosen quality garments are distinctive signs of a true gentleman. Paying tribute to the latest evolutions in fashion and social trends, this thoroughly revised edition of Bernhard Roetzel’s tried-and-tested guide is set for the men of the 21st Century. How to dress for a certain occasion? Which accessories must a gentleman have in his wardrobe? Which shirt-makers and tailors are synonymous for indisputable taste? The new edition of this classic companion to the genuine gentlemen answers all these questions, and many more.

Bind: hardback

Pages: 376

Dimensions: 216 x 253 mm

Tags: June 2016   Architecture & Design   Health & Wellbeing

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