Extreme Hotels

ISBN: 9783940874672

Publisher: Gingko Press

In a prison, igloo, or treehouse, on top of a mountain, or under the stars what's the next stop? Architecture and leisure meet in this glimpse into the craziest places to stay while on the road. The new ideas, transformed spaces, and new interpretations of lodging in Extreme Hotels all prioritize fun. Compiled within are 40 of the most exciting and unusual "overnights" in Europe, from converted lodges, art gallery hotels, geodesic domes, eco pods, and a bustling lounge hostel on a converted houseboat to a one room lodging extended in mid-air within the shell of a functioning wharf crane. Each hotel is described in terms of its architectural and design ingenuity, placed in context on a map of Europe, and introduced with key details including address, phone and fax numbers, date of establishment, and number of rooms and suites. Illustrated beautifully, the volume appeals to both the adventurous tourist and the armchair traveler.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 208

Dimensions: 172 x 242 mm

Publication Date: 14-01-2014

Availability Date: 31-03-2014

Tags: February 2014   Architecture & Design   Travel

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