Design Portfolios of the Elegant East

ISBN: 9789887406846

Publisher: Sendpoints

This book features the untold beauty of Chinese architecture and design. Readers will be witnessing the grace and elegance of the Asian aesthetic through this beautiful book. The rationale of the renowned interior designer Eric Tai ranges from luxury to chic, expressive to implicit. Tai is one of the leading figures in Chinese interior design. The Elegant East is both a collection and a guide to how Chinese cultural elements can integrate and develop under modern interior design context. Tai's works are timeless and lively. He bridges the gap between cultures and his works display the sophisticated fusion of the East and West. In this book, Tai showcases the 29 interior designs from his top works which includes show houses, sales centres, estate villas etc. Inspiring and appealing pictures take you on a journey dancing to the uprising and awakening of the modern Chinese lifestyle.

Bind: hardback

Pages: 352

Dimensions: 235 x 305 mm

Publication Date: 06-01-2021

Availability Date: 28-02-2021

Tags: January / February 2021   Architecture & Design

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