Inner Landscapes: 15 New Zealand Artists with Canterbury Connections

ISBN: 9781877257858

Author: Sally Blundell    Publisher: Canterbury University Press

In this book, speaking eloquently for themselves, are more than 60 images of work by 15 top New Zealand artists with links to the Canterbury University School of Fine Arts. They include painters, sculptors, a printmaker and digital artists. Most of these images have not been previously published. The artists are also given the chance to speak for themselves, through interviews with Sally Blundell in which each artist addresses the reader directly, talking about their lives, their work, their creative processes - revealing their inner landscape. The artists and their work are placed in the context of New Zealand art history in an excellent introductory essay by Justin Paton. The intimate and striking photos of the artists were taken by award-winning photographer Diederik van Heyningen and are published here for the first time. The result is 15 fascinating and visually striking 'studio portraits' of some of New Zealand's top contemporary artists.

Pages: 120

Dimensions: 280 x 230 mm

Publication Date: 01-08-2009

Tags: New Zealand   Arts & Photography

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