Wimps In Waders

ISBN: 9780473375447

Author: Tony Walsh    Publisher: Tony And Noreen Walsh

These angling stories will whet your appetite to be out on the river again. From one end of New Zealand to the other, these short chapters introduce the reader to some of our country’s fabulous wild waters and the cunning brown and rainbow trout lurking in them. With beautiful photographs of New Zealand’s back country rivers this could almost be a travel book as much as a set of fishing yarns. As author Tony and his wife wander from one river to another you will be introduced to the wild, untamed beauty of our nation. You will experience Tony’s love of nature and the tranquillity of the back country rivers as much as the thrill of landing some of those big trout. Written by the author of The Black Singlet Brigade and Boots ’n’ All, Wimps in Waders is a book for any-one who enjoys a lazy afternoon on a riverbank as much as the adrenaline rush brought on by the hunt for that worthy adversary, New Zealand’s well-schooled trout. Experiences gained in 50 years of fishing make for an enthralling read as Tony grows from a tentative spin fisherman to a fully-fledged angler. A chance encounter with another river bed angler led to Tony’s introduction to the local fishing club and as he confesses his membership led to growth in his skills. This can be noted from the explanations of fishing techniques and fly tying guidelines found throughout the book. These short stories explore some of our relatively unknown streams and are beautifully illustrated with full colour photographs.

Bind: paperback

Publication Date: 28-10-2016

Availability Date: 11-11-2016

Tags: November 2016   Biography   New Zealand   Science & Nature   Sport & Recreation

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