When You Lose Someone You Love

ISBN: 9781620082317

Author: Joanne Fink    Publisher: Companion House

Filled with expressive sentiments and beautifully simple illustrations from the personal grief journal of award-winning artist/author Joanne Fink, this special edition of When You Lose Someone You Love offers a healing connection with all who are dealing with one of life’s most challenging times. Readers will understand that they are not alone, that there will be days when they feel overwhelmed, nights when they can’t sleep, and times when waves of sadness wash over them unexpectedly. Affirming and cathartic, this book will help bring healing without sugarcoating the challenges of losing a loved one. When You Lose Someone You Love is an incredible gift of comfort for anyone who endures the journey of losing a spouse, a family member, or close friend. Inside When You Lose Someone You Love: * Life-affirming insights from the personal grief journal of an award-winning artist * Expressive sentiments that take readers through the many emotions of loss * Beautifully illustrations on every page * A 116-page book that offers the "look and feel" of a very personal greeting card

Bind: paperback

Pages: 116

Dimensions: 153 x 115 mm

Publication Date: 10-10-2017

Availability Date: 30-11-2017

Tags: October 2017   Health & Wellbeing

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