Visual Merchandising and Display

ISBN: 9788417656065

Author: Silvia Belli    Publisher: Promo Press / Hoaki

This comprehensive textbook constitutes an essential tool for students and professionals who want to work in the field of visual merchandising in retail, a discipline which combines the principles of marketing, creativity and design. It covers all aspects of the profession, from window display to in-store areas, and all kinds of stores, from small outlets, pop-up shops and concept stores, to shopping malls, flagship shops and department stores. Aspects such as lighting, colour, interior architecture and different display styles, by means of classic approaches as well as the most avant-garde developments are widely referenced and explained in this publication, through many examples from around the world. This reference guide will help fashion related merchandising and design students and visual merchandisers to plan the best strategies to get the consumer's attention. It includes basic sales psychology aspects and describes the different job opportunities there are for visual merchandisers.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 240

Dimensions: 208 x 294 mm

Publication Date: 20-01-2020

Availability Date: 31-03-2020

Tags: January / February 2020   Business   Design (Art / Graphics)

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