Understanding The World

ISBN: 9783836583848

Author: Sandra Rendgen    Publisher: Taschen

Dazzling in scale, diversity and detail, the world never ceases to open our eyes and captivate our curiosity. Ever since the earliest cave paintings, humans have looked at this Earth that is our home and endeavored to understand it. This expansive visual atlas presents exciting, creative and inspiring ways of explaining the world in information graphics. Divided into five chapters, the book covers the environment, technology, economics, society, and culture to reveal some of the Earth's greatest intricacies in accessible visual form. With more than 40 new pieces this updated edition features around 260 infographics in a compact, reader-friendly format, including seven fold-out spreads. The collection focuses on the 21st century, but also includes historical masterpieces to put our current situation into perspective.Nigel Holmes introduces the book with an infographic of his own, while Sandra Rendgen provides an illustrated historical essay to explore how we have studied and interpreted our world over the centuries. With graphics drawn from such sources as Fortune, National Geographic, and The Guardian, this is not only a showcase of outstanding data design, but also a fascinating digest of where and how we live.

Bind: hardback

Pages: 456

Dimensions: 210 x 315 mm

Publication Date: 17-05-2021

Availability Date: 31-07-2021

Tags: Coming Soon   Design (Art / Graphics)   Reference

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