Total Recall

ISBN: 9781846891496

Author: Pippa Mattinson    Publisher: Quiller Publishing

Many dog owners struggle to manage their dogs, and the vast majority of people who need help have one simple but overwhelming problem. Their dog won't come back when they call him. Through focusing on this single and most important of obedience commands, Pippa Mattinson shows the dog owner - whether of a puppy or an adult dog - how to build up a reliable recall successfully, layer by layer, and step by step, using effective and positive training techniques. The book is divided into three parts: 1. Preparation – all the information you'll ever need in order to prepare and support yourself and your dog as you work through the training programme, including information on how your dogs learn, practical training with rewards and beyond training. 2. A detailed Recall Training Programme complete with exercises to work through. In other words the 'how to' section of the book where you'll learn puppy recall, pre-recall for older dogs, basic recall, on location training and ultimately recall for life. 3. The problem solving section, where you can discover why you got into difficulties in the past and learn how to avoid making the same mistakes again in the future. Enjoy your training journey and have fun with your dog!

Bind: paperback

Pages: 248

Dimensions: 234 x 156 mm

Availability Date: 31-07-2015

Tags: July 2015   Reference

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