The Ultimate Guide To Puppy Care and Training

ISBN: 9781621870890

Author: Tracy Libby    Publisher: Companion House

Is there a tiny four-pawed furry creature in your near future? Adding a puppy to your home and life can be very exciting and a little scary. At once personable, dog-smart, and reassuring, author Tracy Libby offers new owners reams of great advice in The Ultimate Guide To Puppy Care And Training, covering every topic under the canine sun - from selecting a new puppy, household safety, and vaccinations to house-training, remedying common puppy problems, and first aid. In nineteen information-packed chapters, this colourful guide provides everything a new puppy parent needs to know to raise a smart and healthy puppy. First-time puppy parents and experienced dog owners alike will find detailed up-to-date information on: *Selecting a puppy from a reliable source and establishing a daily home routine *Positive dog-friendly training techniques, including using clickers *House-training, socialisation, and puppy games *Grooming, feeding, exercise, and activities *Puppy health, vaccinations, and veterinary care *Teaching basic commands and solving behavioural issues *Common canine maladies, allergies, natural health care, and first aid The Ultimate Guide To Puppy Care And Training is the most comprehensive manual available for the dedicated new dog owner seeking to make the most of his or her puppy's first year of life.

Bind: hardback

Pages: 240

Dimensions: 185 x 235 mm

Availability Date: 21-05-2018

Tags: June 2018   Reference   Science & Nature

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