The Secrets of Star Whales

ISBN: 9781631634413

Author: Rebecca Thorne    Publisher: North Star Editions

On the small space station Azura, Maxion Belmont is constantly torn between his two passions--engineering and music. Both are hobbies handed down from his father, which is bittersweet since his death two years ago. While his hydrodriver is great for repairing starship parts, his father's old string instrument tugs at the latent grief Max hides from his mom and classmates with each chord he strums. When a foreign starship appears on the horizon, Azura welcomes their first tourist in years. But there's something weird about Mr. Hames, the stranger-turned-substitute teacher. He has no idea how to teach and keeps raving about the existence of alien creatures in the vacuum of space: star whales. As Max and the rest of Mr. Hames's class-turned-starship crew begin to uncover the mysteries of the star whales, they discover they aren't the only ones looking for the elusive creatures--and not every whaler has good intentions.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 228

Dimensions: 134 x 205 mm

Publication Date: 30-03-2021

Availability Date: 31-07-2021

Tags: Coming Soon   May 2021   Childrens (All)   Fiction - Young Adult

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