The Secret Life of Wives

ISBN: 9781843911227

Author: Pietro Aretino    Publisher: Hesperus Press

In this hilarious sequel to The Secret Life of Nuns, courtesan Nanna reveals to her confidante, Antonia, what really goes on in the lives of married women. A woman can only be saved from a life-threatening craving and utter damnation by a well-endowed priest; an over-devout matron releases the devil within her when she meets an attractive hermit; an insatiable wife is redressed by her husband in a most barbarous manner - these are merely some of the 'truths' that Aretino exposes behind the respectable mask of marriage. And in describing the subterfuges, machinations and diabolical ruses wives resort to - unbeknownst to their poor husbands - in order to secure the secret object of their desires, Aretino adds another titillating page to his immense catalogue of human characters.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 100

Publication Date: 09-11-2012

Availability Date: 11-12-2012

Tags: October 2012   Classics   Fiction & Literature

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