The Road Headed West

ISBN: 9781849536356

Author: Leon McCarron    Publisher: Summersdale Publishers

It seemed a terrible shame to meet my end in Iowa; I couldn’t imagine any where more disappointing to die. The scenery hadn’t changed for weeks and I was slowly dissolving into stimulation-deprived madness. My current predicament,then – attempting to escape through cornfields from a gun-toting alcohol soaked rancher – was not something I expected.

Terrified at the prospect of a life spent behind a desk, without challenge or adventure, Leon took off to cross America on an overloaded bicycle packed with everything but common sense.Over five months and 6,000 miles, he cycled from New York to Seattle and then on to the Mexican border, facing tornados, swollen river crossings and one hungry black bear along the way. But he also met kind strangers who offered their food,wisdom, hospitality and even the occasional local history lesson, and learned what happens when you take a chance and follow the scent of adventure.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 352

Dimensions: 129 x 198 mm

Publication Date: 07-07-2014

Availability Date: 19-09-2014

Tags: July 2014   Travel

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