The Art of the Italian Renaissance

ISBN: 9783848008391

Author: Rolf Toman    Publisher: h f Ullmann

The Italian Renaissance is among the most glamorousepochs of European art. Art historians as well as a widepublic are fascinated by three centuries of exceptionallyprolific artistic creation that produced works ofinternational fame such as Michelangelo's frescos in theSistine Chapel. The cityscapes of the great centers ofthat time would be vastly different without theirRenaissance architecture - cities like Florence, Rome, and Venice are veritable museums of an epoch whose art remains vital and influential even today. Impressive illustrations of works from every branch ofthe fine arts feature prominently in this book, which not only competently explains various aspects of Renaissance art, but also invites readers to observethem closely with its fabulous pictures.

Bind: hardback

Pages: 464

Dimensions: 216 x 253 mm

Tags: February 2017   Arts & Photography   History   Reference

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