Surprising Stuff About Humans

ISBN: 9780473238957

Author: Ralph Brown    Publisher: Media Associates

How much do you really know about human behaviour and emotions?
Love, lust and romance; working together; men and women; persuasion; truth and lies; our emotions; our amazing brains; how rational are we?; weird stuff.

Try these questions on your colleagues, friends and family:
Is it true that women talk more than men?
How can you encourage more creaativity in your office?
Can you make your baby more intelligent by playing Mozart?
It's your first date. Should you talk about movies or travel?
What's the best way to hear your cellphone at a noisy party?
Would a woman or a man be more likely to comply with a sign, 'Please wash hands'?
... and many more.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 120

Dimensions: 144 x 205 mm

Publication Date: 31-03-2013

Availability Date: 04-04-2013

Tags: May 2013   Business   Health & Wellbeing   Humour & Gift

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