Stuka Attack! (The Dive-Bombing Assault on England During the Battle of Britain)

ISBN: 9781908117359

Author: Andy Saunders    Publisher: Grub Street

The Junkers 87 Stuka was an iconic weapon of World War Two and an aircraft name that was, and still is, instantly recognised worldwide. Its roles in Poland and the Battles of France and the Low Countries are almost legendary, but in the UK its import during the Battle of Britain is one that has never been covered in any specific detail. Here, Andy Saunders takes a critical look at every operation by Ju87s against British targets in 1940 - including those on land and at sea. Each raid is charted, covering all aspects of the attacks including participants, defending RAF fighters and those on the receiving end. Myth and reality and truth and legend are all examined and analysed in this highly illustrated new book, which adds to our knowledge of one of the most significant periods in the whole of British history. Foreword by Dr Hans Migeod, Ju87 Stuka pilot during Battle of Britain.

Bind: hardback

Pages: 192

Dimensions: 170 x 240 mm

Publication Date: 15-04-2013

Availability Date: 14-06-2013

Tags: April 2013   Military

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