Positively Primal

ISBN: 9781849538398

Author: Emma Woolf    Publisher: Summersdale Publishers

What if life could be simpler and slower, purer and more primal? As our world becomes more connected, many of us are left feeling more disconnected than ever. The more time we spend working, consuming, socialising online, the less our real lives make sense. Positively Primal is about slowing down, reconnecting with the food we eat, with the strength and beauty of our bodies, rediscovering respect for our individuality and those around us... And most of all, remembering what it means to be human. Drawing on everything from modern science to ancient philosophy, contemporary culture to common sense, this is a manifesto for a more human-friendly, earth-friendly existence – without rules or deprivation. Join Emma Woolf on a journey to reclaim the peace that nature provides, find fulfilment in the everyday, rejoice in humanity and live a positively primal life

Bind: paperback

Pages: 288

Dimensions: 129 x 198 mm

Publication Date: 04-04-2016

Availability Date: 30-06-2016

Tags: April 2016   Health & Wellbeing

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