Pencil Magic

ISBN: 9781574217179

Author: Marie Browning    Publisher: Fox Chapel Publishing

Professional artists have magical secrets that you need to know! They use simple but sophisticated techniques like impressed lines, stippling, and subtractive drawing to produce fabulous art. With Pencil Magic, you can master these same methods to create a richer experience whenever you are making a card, embellishing a scrapbook page, or just doodling for fun. Crafting guru Marie Browning show you how to use both graphite and colored pencils to create impressive designs for paper arts, journals, mixed media, Zentangle-inspired pieces, and more. Her simple methods are gratifying to use, require a minimum of supplies, and produce stunning results that will have everyone asking "How did you do that?" Discover how to turn simple line designs into something fabulous with the impressed technique. Master classic drawing strokes like hatching, cross-hatching, and scrumbling. Use shading to add depth and dimension to your drawings, and give your projects a professional finish. The design possibilities are endless!

Bind: paperback

Dimensions: 217 x 270 mm

Publication Date: 26-08-2014

Availability Date: 05-12-2014

Tags: September 2014   Arts & Photography   Craft & Hobbies

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