Paper Toys Speed Demons

ISBN: 9781584236696

Author: Arnaud Roi    Publisher: Gingko Press

Speed Demons is one of the latest themes in the bestselling Paper Toys series, a wonderful collection of interactive craft books that allow children to pop out and build their own paper toys. Each volume in the series is rendered by a different talented artist in complementary designs, lending a stylized look to the fanciful creations. Printed on durable cardstock and die-cut, each toy is easy to assemble with no glue or scissors needed. With Speed Demons and Super Heros joining the previous themes of Animals, Monsters, Robots, and Fantasy Creatures, the options for imaginative play are endless! Ages 5 and up.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 24

Dimensions: 210 x 260 mm

Publication Date: 05-06-2017

Availability Date: 31-08-2017

Tags: June 2017   Childrens (All)   Craft & Hobbies

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