ISBN: 9783848009404

Author: Eudald Carbonell    Publisher: h f Ullmann

Would you fancy a mammoth steak or simply some natural foods enjoyed by mankind in the Old Stone Age, long before the rise of agriculture? This book is the ultimate companion to anyone interested in the oldest human diet ever, which greatly contributed to our evolution. Archaeologists, anthropologists and paleontologists studied the bones and teeth of our ancestors and their living environment to reconstitute their nutritional habits. This book results of these scientific studies and is a serious introduction to paleo cooking. While the paleo diet is limited to basic ingredients, such as meats, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts and seeds, it offers a lot of nutritional benefits, as it is gluten-free, low-carb and relies on fresh products. This is sufficient to keep away modern diseases linked to poor nutrition, such as over-weight or diabetes.

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Publication Date: 01-04-2016

Availability Date: 30-04-2016

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