Oceanian Journeys and Sojourns

ISBN: 9781877578885

Author: Judith A Bennett Ed.    Publisher: Otago University Press

Oceanian Journeys and Sojourns focuses on how Pacific Island peoples – Oceanians – think about a range of journeys near and far: their meanings, motives and implications. In addition to addressing human mobility in various island locales, these essays deal with the interconnections of culture, identity and academic research among indigenous Pacific peoples that have emerged from the contributors’ personal observations and fieldwork encounters. Firmly grounded in the human experience, this edited work offers insights into the development of new knowledge in and of the Pacific. More than half the authors are themselves Oceanians and five of twelve essays are by island women. Likely audiences: University students and academics as well as government and aid agencies in and around the Pacific region. Universities, students, bureaucrats and advisers to government and aid donors are likely purchasers

Bind: paperback

Publication Date: 20-04-2015

Availability Date: 20-04-2015

Tag: History

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