Modern Manners For Your Inner Demons

ISBN: 9781939650627

Author: Tara Laskowski    Publisher: Independent Publishers Group

The best-selling indie hit returns! This revised, expanded edition of Modern Manners for Your Inner Demons brings the darker side of social behavior back to the shelves. Tara Laskowski’s demonically clever stories break the rules of a "decent" society, providing a definitive guide on the etiquette of obesity, dementia, infertility, homicide, arson, and more. Blending humor with a sharp social commentary, Laskowski introduces us to cynical yet sympathetic characters as each story unfolds. Snarky but optimistic, these characters are the folks you want sitting next to you at your next dinner party...or in your prison cell.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 110

Dimensions: 128 x 178 mm

Publication Date: 20-02-2017

Availability Date: 20-04-2017

Tags: February 2017   Humour & Gift   Fiction & Literature

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