Me & My Hero

ISBN: 9780473270551

Author: Tim Mulliner    Publisher: Tim Mulliner

New Zealander Tim Mulliner , decides to forgo the lightweight touring bicycle nad expensive modern accompaniments and get back to basics.
Starting in Nepal, he purchases himself a Hero - the largest manufactured bicycle in the world. After pushing his Hero over the Himalayan foothills, Tim dissects India from north to south passing through some of the poorest and richest regions in India.
Me and My Hero tells the story of Tim's impressions of rural and urban India as he struggles to come to terms with the rigid caste system that still dictates life for many. It details the rigour and joy of travelling by bicycle in what is arguably one of the most colourful and fascinating countries in the world.

Pages: 161

Dimensions: 153 x 230 mm

Publication Date: 02-07-2014

Availability Date: 02-07-2014

Tags: July 2014   Biography   Travel

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