Landscape Installation Art II

ISBN: 9789810933692

Publisher: Gingko Press

A 100-square-meter flower pavilion that roams central London; delicate golden rice illuminated to honor the king of Thailand in Bangkok; a heart in Times Square made of planks from boardwalks destroyed by Hurricane Sandy; an entire 65-foot-tall tree in Illinois left whole and turned into a swing set, picnic area, and snack kiosk. All of these projects and dozens more are on display in Landscape Installation Art II, a collection of public installations both large and small from locations worldwide. The installations inside are made with public interaction in mind, representing their location and the hopes and cultures of locals, and inspiring passers-by to explore the neighborhood or just pause, put their feet up, and take some time to think. Bursting with stunning photography, the book also includes precise diagrams and text detailing each piece from conception through construction, making Landscape Installation Art II as informative to peruse as it is creatively stimulating.

Bind: hardback

Pages: 272

Dimensions: 230 x 280 mm

Publication Date: 31-05-2015

Availability Date: 31-07-2015

Tags: May 2015   Architecture & Design

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