Interior Design Review : Best Interior Design On The Planet

ISBN: 9783961710973

Author: Tatjana Seel    Publisher: TeNeues

Living in Style Best Interior Design on the Planet is more diverse than ever, a lavishly-illustrated interior book featuring the 50 most prestigious visionaries in the design landscape. Informative interviews and portraits of influential designers and abundant interior inspiration and ideas. Featured projects selected in collaboration with a high-profile team of experts in the design community. A source of inspiration, visually stunning, and always at the forefront of contemporary design, the teNeues Living in Style series of books captivate all interiors enthusiasts—from personal hobbyists and novice decorators to experienced interior design professionals. A home is not only a refuge, but also an expression of personal style—be it strict minimalism, elegant opulence, or a pastiche of different cultures, Living in Style Best Interior Design on the Planet presents the unique furnishing and décor concepts of 50 handpicked interior design experts. The volume brings together for the first time the most prestigious designers as well as leading interiors companies from across the continent. From elaborate and all-encompassing refurbishment projects to transformative home improvements and custom material and color combinations, this richly-illustrated book showcases a breadth of living styles, architectural solutions, and innovative interiors ideas. Vivid portraits and interviews reveal the protagonists’ professional practice and philosophy, as well as country-specific interior trends, influences, and preferences.

Bind: hardback

Dimensions: 250 x 320 mm

Publication Date: 21-09-2018

Availability Date: 20-12-2018

Tags: October 2018   Spring Gift Fair 2020   Architecture & Design   Arts & Photography   Home & Garden

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