How to Survive Being a Doctor

ISBN: 9781786852526

Author: Mike Haskins    Publisher: Summersdale Publishers

What seems to be the problem? Doctors have one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. But if you’re going to be faced with the horrors of yellow toenails, highly contagious rashes and humans in general when they’re feeling their worst, you’re going to need survival skills: Think positively: At least you aren’t suffering from these ailments. Well, at least not yet… Reassure yourself: One day you will be able to retire – assuming you live that long. This mischievous little book will help see you through your years as a doctor with tongue-in-cheek advice and cheeky illustrations.

Bind: hardback

Pages: 96

Dimensions: 111 x 154 mm

Publication Date: 08-03-2018

Availability Date: 30-04-2018

Tags: March 2018   Humour & Gift

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