Golfing Wit

ISBN: 9781849536622

Author: Aubrey Malone    Publisher: Summersdale Publishers

A golf ball will always travel furthest when hit in the wrong direction. Henry Beard Golf has given me an understanding of the futility of life. Aubrey Eban With hundreds of funny one-liners that’ll have you and your caddy chuckling down the fairway, this is the perfect companion for the golf-obsessed, and an ideal gift for the newly converted. So put your best ball forward, tee off with Golfing Wit and you’ll be sure to get a hole-in-one.

Pages: 192

Dimensions: 116 x 182 mm

Publication Date: 12-01-2015

Availability Date: 27-02-2015

Tags: January / February 2015   Humour & Gift

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