Finding the Few: Some Outstanding Mysteries of the Battle of Britain Investigated and Solved

ISBN: 9781906502553

Author: Andy Saunders    Publisher: Grub Street

1940 in the skies over Britain was a time of courage, heroism and extreme danger. Many men gave their lives to keep the island free and some disappeared into the summer sky with no trace of them ever being found. This remarkable book records the life of a dozen of these pilots shot down and killed but who remained missing for decades until diligent research and searches primarily by the author brought identification to them and closure to their families. Each case represents a fascinating human story of humour, drama, love and tragedy; and each one represents a startling tale of detective work and remarkable coincidences, oft-times revealing controversy. Finding the Few ends with a mystery still unsolved, has photographs throughout, and will stand as a fitting testament to those men lost but not forgotten. By the author of Bader's Last Fight and Mannock VC.

Pages: 192

Dimensions: 170 x 246 mm

Publication Date: 30-09-2009

Tag: Military

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