Fashion Patternmaking Techniques (Vol 2)

ISBN: 9788415967682

Author: Antonio Donnanno    Publisher: Promo Press

This second volume of Fashion Patternmaking Techniques examines the various procedures for transforming bodices, through dart manipulation as well as studying techniques for creating volumes, draping, and fitted patterns. The book includes techniques for creating patterns for knit fabrics; basic dress blocks and how to adapt these to different fabric patterns and types of garment (for example, maternity dresses); sleeves; basic blocks for men’s vests and jackets; size grading for tops and dresses and the fundamentals of pattern layout. This manual prepares the reader to apply these concepts—along with their own intuition and creativity—to constructing patterns. Antonio Donnanno began his career in his family’s tailoring shop. After majoring in history and philosophy, he focused on teaching costume history and patternmaking techniques. In 1982, he founded the prestigious Euromode School Italia in Bergamo, which soon expanded abroad. He has written dozens of books on fashion and has his own consulting firm, which focuses on patternmaking and business.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 256

Publication Date: 01-03-2015

Tags: Architecture & Design   Fashion

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