Extreme Sleeps

ISBN: 9781849533935

Author: Phoebe Smith    Publisher: Summersdale Publishers

I'd become officially addicted to what I called 'extreme sleeping' - a kind of addictive high-adrenaline sport - but rather than being defined by pushing the boundaries of physical activity, my particular pursuit was marked by a distinct lack of it. Challenged by a cocky Australian in Woolloomooloo, veteran globe trotter Phoebe Smith sets out to prove that the extreme camping experiences available in the UK could rival anything found elsewhere in the world. In this sometimes scary, frequently funny and intriguing journey around the country, Phoebe attempts to discover and conquer its wildest places. From spending the night in the decaying wreckage of a World War Two bomber at Bleaklow to pitching next to the adrenaline-inducing sheer drops of Lizard Point, Phoebe's extreme sleeps defies her perceptions of the great outdoors and teach her about herself along the way.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 320

Dimensions: 129 x 198 mm

Publication Date: 12-04-2013

Availability Date: 30-05-2013

Tags: April 2013   Sport & Recreation   Travel

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